...even a holiday carol singer inside a snow globe...

If we don’t have it, we bet we’ll know who does!

Unique entertainment for events of all types, sizes, and budgets...

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If the standard party fare has
left you feeling unfulfilled, invite us to your next get together.  It'll be a scream! There's nothing like a murder to liven things up. With a host of unforgettable characters and lots of scenarios to choose from, we can help you put together the perfect crime.

We bring the victim, we bring the murderer, and as far as the police are concerned you were just an innocent bystander (though we know better!)

Of course you don't get off scott-free.  After all it is your murder mystery, so you’ll have to solve it. But don't worry, there's always plenty of evidence, as well as lots of interesting suspects to interrogate, and always a grade A gumshoe at your disposal.

Take a stroll through these pages and get a clue as to what's in store.  After all…

…we're dying to entertain you!!

So much fun,
it’s almost criminal!

Murder Mysteries & More!

- since 1995 -

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