What exactly is a "murder mystery"?

Our murder mysteries are essentially interactive comedic stories played out for your party. Each guest will receive an "investigation packet" which includes a description of the story, suspect list, play money to bribe suspects and an investigation sheet to keep track of info and clues gathered throughout the evening.

How is the game played?

Characters greet and interact with your guests throughout the event.  At a certain point a "murder" occurs or is discovered. Our "detective" declares the party to be a crime scene and deputizes your guests. Guests  form investigative teams and attempt to "solve" the crime and name the "killer". This is achieved by interrogating suspects, listening in on conversations and confrontations between suspects, bribing players (and other teams) with play money to "tell what they know," and by using the "clues" gathered to figure out "whodunit!"


How long does the game last?

This varies. We tailor to the particular event. Usually "crime solving" time is about 90 minutes to 2 hours. We adapt the performance to meet the needs of your particular event. We’ve done shows ranging from 30 minutes to an entire weekend.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on location, venue, size of audience, travel expenses, etc. Tell us your entertainment budget and we will work with you to find or adapt a performance to fit your needs.

What does Laughing Corpse provide?

We provide a cast, script, costumes, hand props, guest "investigation packets", pens, play money and small prizes for the winning team.

What do we ask you to provide?

  1. Access to a bathroom (we usually come wearing or carrying our costumes and will need a bathroom for makeup adjustments, changing, etc.)

  2. A secure area to keep our street clothes, purses, prizes and props. 

  3. Water and/or soft drinks and snacks/light food for the actors during the event.

  4. If possible, an "offstage” or out of the way break area.

  5. For large groups (over 100 guests) we will need a microphone/sound for the detective and suspects for use when addressing the entire group.

The people in my company have never done anything like this before, they tend to be shy. I'm afraid they will sit like stumps through out the whole thing...

Trust us.  The demure secretary, the fuddy-duddy boss, the shy accountant or stand-offish client from out of town will fool you. People who would ordinarily say little and leave early from a typical dinner party will blossom when given the opportunity to "bring a criminal to justice." The first 15 minutes of the party are typically a bit quiet, however, as your guests get involved with the characters and the story they will sparkle as detectives.  Once the pressure of making small talk is taken away and guests have a goal to achieve, it is remarkable (and funny) how they liven up.

It sounds like fun...but how can I be sure?

We have yet (knock on wood) to conduct a murder mystery at which guests did not have a good time.  Keep in mind, we do this a lot. Our performers are professionals. Our repertory company is comprised of trained performers who have experience on stage, TV, video & film and/or in professional variety entertaining. This is our job. Our goal is to provide you and your guests with a good time and a memorable event and we take our comedic work very seriously.

How do we set up a murder mystery?

Let us know the date, place, time and number of guests. Select one of the mystery plots from our list of scenarios or discuss with us the specially tailored mystery you would like us to write.

Do you have more questions?
We’d be happy to either meet with you in person or by phone to discuss any questions you may have. Remember…

we really are dying to entertain you!

Frequently Asked Questions
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