We’re not just about murder. We have other entertainment options available… so let us know if you need:

Variety Acts & Entertainers






(island steel drum, bluegrass, Dixieland, jazz, country, heavy metal, big band, etc)

Polynesian dancers

belly dancer

children’s entertainment

improv comedy or stand-up comedians

boys who sing in bubbles

elves, reindeer, and the games they play

scavenger hunts (both inside & outside events)

company themed “game” playing events

psychics, fortune tellers, card readers

(“real” and phony for adult and children’s events)

catering for your event (picnics to pulled pork to a formal dinner)

a place to have your party, from a stately Southern mansion to a downtown honkytonk - from an all inclusive luxury hotel to a haunted houseand the transportation to get you and your guests from hither to yon and back again.

We’d love to hook you up with who we know!

-Some of the Folks in our Catalog-


Comedy, Music (Stand-up and/or Comedic Musical Performances)

Steve Goodie is a multi-talented, seriously funny guy. He sings silly songs, writes and improvises nutty jokes and sketches, and keeps audiences entertained wherever he goes. A professional entertainer for over 20 years, Steve has been seen on Showtime, Comedy Central, A&E, and NBC’s Today Show, and has been heard around the country on syndicated morning radio shows. He is hugely popular on XM-Kids satellite radio (songs and comedy for kids) and is ready to entertain YOU!

(Available for musical and non-musical performances.)

website:  stevegoodie.com

YouTube:  youtube.com/user/stevegoodie03    


Comedy, Music (gospel & country, impersonator – Minnie Pearl)

Cheryl Jackson is from Nashville, Tennessee. She's been writing and recording her original Gospel songs for 18 years and has worked with producers Eddie Crook, Ed Crawford, Scott Godsey, & Dan Adkins.  So far she has recorded 6 projects of her original songs and also a Christmas CD. Cheryl  has a "Minnie Pearl" tribute that she shares by request. The tribute features Cheryl in full "Minnie" costume telling Minnie's jokes. After she leaves her audience in stitches from laughter, she takes off Minnie's hat and sings the song, "Thanks For The Smiles, Sarah" that she wrote in memory of Sarah Cannon who created the "Minnie" character.

website:  cheryljacksonmusic.com

YouTube:  Minnie Pearl Tribute  Cheryl Jackson at Zanies   

Ashley Hayes

Music, Novelty (country, impersonator – Shania Twain)

Ashley Hayes has been performing as “Shania Twang" for a number of years. Formerly a tribute artist in Las Vegas, she performs at corporate and private events internationally, and has worked for many companies, including Southwest Airlines, Pepsico, Konica, Brother, and Boy Scounts of America. Ashley also has numerous corporate events under her belt for Gaylord Entertainment, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the General Jackson Showboat, and the world-famous Wildhorse Saloon. Voted the “Best Shania Twain Tribute” six years in a row, Ashley not only looks like Shania, but sounds and moves just like her!

website: shaniatribute.com

YouTube:  youtube.com/user/shaniatwang

Faye Woodruff

Comedy (the Grandmother from hell!)

Faye Woodroof has years worth of opinions to express and stories to tell, all of which are not quite as "sweet" as audiences might expect from a grandmother! Faye's stories about aging body parts and sexual escapades will make audiences laugh so hard that they will be begging to borrow her Depends! Faye even includes punch lines about "Grannies in Jail" because of an incident that occurred between her and a SWAT team! Faye has been up in front of audiences proving how alive she is by winning Showtime's Funniest Person in Tennessee and HBO's Comic relief II National Championship.

website: walkaboutcity.com/mobile/lestrade/faye-woodroof.htm

DVD:  The Grandmother From Hell (warning: material is very adult!)

JJ Jones

Music, Novelty (Christmas carols sung in snow globe)

JJ Jones studied broadcasting and film in the United States, earning a degree from the University of Michigan in 1994. Before moving to Nashville, his musical endeavors began to focus on participation in a Serbian Orthodox church choir in Berlin and solo works, including See Through Tattoo, an exploration of the many interpretations of a single song, which premiered at the EXIT Festival in France in 2005. JJ also produced and performed a well-received Christmas album, 12 Minuten von Christmas, using the same premise as Tattoo of singing over historic recordings. After moving to Nashville, 12 Minuten von Christmas began to be performed inside a giant bubble -- THE HUMAN SNOW GLOBE!

website:  iamthatmusic.com

YouTube:  Snow Globe Singer  

Terry Kinakin

Music (Americana, bluegrass, jazz)

Terry Kinakin came from a traditional New Orleans jazz background, and worked his way through the Django swing styles all the way to bluegrass and blues. Add to that the Grisman and new acoustic jazz influences of today and you get a sense of the journey. A native of Calgary, Alberta, Kinakin started playing Dixieland banjo at the tender age of six. He hit every major stage from Montreal to the shores of British Columbia and gained notoriety as Canadas Foremost Plectrum Banjo Player. "It is traditional jazz in its original form and candy for my ears. The vocal is as earthy as an old Decca Al Jolson offering and the rhythm just rolls right along in an uptempo style. Does it have the stuff that will last? Yes, Hell Yes!." ~ Chuck Chellman/President TN Jazz and Blues Society.

website:  myspace.com/terrykinakin  

Samples:  youtube.com/user/terrykinakin

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